Image Inspection Service

Our image inspection service could save you time and money. We can provide a digital image inspection service using remote estimating technologies that offers full control over repairs and includes the following key features:

  • Containment of Claim Costs
  • Full Audit Facility
  • Prompt economic, non-physical inspection of damaged vehicles
  • Easy, early identification of vehicles that need physical inspection
  • Prompt negotiation and agreement of settlement

Small Claims Services

We offer a Small Claims Service; it is predominantly used by insurance companies but is available to any organisation that is involved with the repair of motor vehicles.

It is designed to reduce the administration burden and hassle that can occur from minor repairs.

On your behalf, we will discuss the extent of work required with the repairer and agree costings, authorise repairs and check the repair account. Our expertise in this area means that savings are realised quickly and easily.

Post Repair Inspection

We can provide a general opinion of the condition of the car, following a visual inspection and road test.

We offer this service to private clients and also assess pre-accident vehicle values and post-accident repair inspections.

We advise on the appropriate purchase price of any vehicle and can comment on its future and expected lifespan.

Diminuation in value

Diminution in value can occur when a vehicle has been involved in an accident and subsequently repaired.

Diminution is individual to each and every instance.

Our motor engineers form an opinion as to what any reduction may be. Our opinions are based upon a wide range of information which includes vehicle type, value and age; as well as the extent and cost of any damage and repairs.

We can provide independent expert reports for both Claimant and Defendants, which are balanced opinions based on the individual facts of each case.

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